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.:I'll Show You Love:. A Sesshomaru Story {PART 1} by Handguns4Hearts3889 .:I'll Show You Love:. A Sesshomaru Story {PART 1} by Handguns4Hearts3889
...I'll Show You Love ... {Sesshomaru Love Story} ~Meeting~ .1.

It was a warm, unusual fall afternoon, just before sunset, and you were walking through the The Forest Of InuYasha. You were coming back from Monk Yoko's castle, he trains you once a month, in trade for cleaning his castle and babysitting his children.

You are a hanyou, you’re a half wind demon and human. You have long, light brown hair (almost blonde) that goes down to your butt. You have dark blue eyes. You have fangs and claws, and thin, light blue demon markings on random places on your body, like your stomach, back, thighs, ankles wrists and the palms of your hand.

You can control large amounts of winds, weather/precipitation, clouds and oceans. You have a sword called the Yokiari (Yo-key-are-eee), which was forged from your mother’s fang. Your mother was a wind-demon and your father was a human. You have unusually strong fighting skills, especially for a hanyou. You are stronger than most, because your mother was a demon and she was your primary care taker, you gained much more power than usual half breeds.
Your mother died from execution. Other demons from a different country executed her for mating with a human and creating half-breed children.

The sun was close to setting, and your stomach was growling, craving for food. You didn't especially like human food, but you'll eat it.
You stopped, because you heard footsteps. You smelled a demon's presence, and it was not a weak demon, the demonic aura was so strong.

'Fuck! I am too hungry to be in a battle..' you think as you clench your stomach.. but, you gather up your courage anyway, and walk straight into the way you hear the footsteps and find the strong scent of the demon..

You’re getting closer, and you see three silhouettes sitting by a fire.

There's a ugly looking imp/toad demon thing sitting by the fire, and looks like he's making food.
There's a girl with long, dark brown hair and brown eyes, sitting by a full grown youkai..
The youkai was leaning against a tree stump, sweating and looking sick, and you sniff the air again.. and you realize something…..

'That's the Lord of the Western Lands.. Sesshomaru and he's in heat!!!!!' you think...
As a female, you will always be in danger at the presence of a demon in heat, especially a dog-demon youkai.
You try to escape, but the young girl notices you..

"'scuse me.. m'lady?" the young girl jumps up.. happy for your presence.
You smile weakly at the young girl, your eyes shift towards the girl..

"RIN!" the imp thing yells "What do you think you are doing, talking to strangers like that.."

"She's not a stranger.. she's a demon, maybe she can help Lord Sesshomaru!" Rin states, walking closer to you..

'Obviously she doesn’t know the real reason why her Lord is sick..' you think.

"NO! You stupid child, only time can heal Lord Sesshomaru right now.." the imp says.

Your eyes nervously shift back and forth to the imp and Rin.

In the corner of your eye, you see the youkai rise up from where he was lying.
His eyes meet with yours, and your heart begins to race..
"LORD SESSHOMARU! Are you okay? You look like you have a fever! Maybe you should lie down again.." Rin says, turning her attention toward Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru gently pushes Rin away, and walks towards you.

"Do you have a death wish?" the youkai whispers coldly, as he walks extremely close to you.

You say nothing, you just stare in awe at his beauty and grace. Even for someone who suffering from the painful desire of being in heat, he still moves so fluid like and elegant.

He gets impatient. "I suggest you leave, now! If you desire your insides.." he threats..

Normally, if a demon would ever threaten you like that, you would definitely stand up and battle.
But, because he was in heat, and he was a dog-demon and Lord of the Western lands.. you were a tad bit nervous. Plus, you heard ugly stories about Sesshomaru, and in which, you had no desire to see if they were true or not.

You turned away quickly and walked away from their clearing in the forest.. you decided to take the long way around the forest to your village.

(Two Weeks Later)

Fortunately, in your village you are not the only hanyou. There's a dog-demon hanyou named Lin. She's become your friend after 30 years living in the village. She has shaggy, and feather-like long pearl white hair, and pointy ears. She has purple eyes. The villagers accept you as a resident because you unconditionally protect them from weaker demons. They harbor your food, and make you decent clothes.

It was early in the morning, and you were going to the hot spring to wash. You get closer and closer to the hot spring. You start picking up the scent of human blood.

'Dammit, those villagers always leaving the perimeter of the village..' you think, pissed because you always have to save the human's asses.

You get closer to the stench of the blood, and realize it's a young girl. But, you recognize her.

"She's the Rin girl, Sesshomaru's human!!!.." you say to yourself.

You set your clothes on a rock, and run up to the lifeless body of the human.
You check her pulse..
'She's dead.' you think..

You say a few prayers, and as you’re about to pick up the girl's body, you hear footsteps.
You turn around quickly and see Sesshomaru.
'Oh Shit! He looks mad..' you think as the surprised emotion covers your face.
He looks at you up and down, seeing Rin's blood on you.. his eyes move down to Rin's body, and his golden eyes flash red.
'Uh-oh..' you think.
Your screwed right now because he probably thinks you killed Rin, your half undressed because you were about to go to the hot springs, so you only have on a white yutaka.. and your weapon-less.

"I didn't kill her, I found her here.." you state. You surprised yourself because your voice is calmer than you expected it to be.

The sword on Sesshomaru's waist starts pulsating. He looks down, and his eyes flash back to his normal golden color.

He walks up to you, taking large, violent steps.

He violently grabs one of his sword from his waist and holds it to your throat..
"I could kill you if I wanted you better be telling the truth." he says icily. His face holds no expression. He starts to close the space between your faces “I hate liars.” He states..

"Why would I want to kill a human girl..???" you ask in an obvious tone, returning his cold glare.

He ignores your last comment, and pulls out another sword, and revives the young girl..
She stirs around a little bit, and shakes and moans and she casually opens her eyes..
You look stunned at the little girl and the life reviving sword this dog demon wields.
‘He acts so cold and heartless, yet he cherishes this little girl’s companionship..’ you think to yourself. You are so confused about this demon-man’s actions, that you are starting to become intrigued by him.

"Lord Sesshomaru! You saved me! T-th...That Naraku man, person. He killed me. It hurt so bad.." her eyes fill with tears, and she sobbed loudly.

"Rin. How did he hurt you?" Sesshomaru asks her..

"He.. He.. he stabbed me... with.. with.. with his sword thingy..." she says between tears. Rin looks at you, and quickly her tears go away..

"Hey.. I know you,” she says to you.. “you were there that one night, when Sesshomaru was sick.." Rin says.

Sesshomaru quickly turns his glare to you, his eyes become wide.. ‘he definitly remembers what “night”' Rin was referring about’ you think to yourself, based on his reaction..

"Umm.. yea." you say sheepishly.

"I'm Rin! What's your name?" she asks, jumping away from Sesshomaru's hold, and running up to you.

"Um.. my name Kahru." you say smiling, happy that the girl is not crying anymore. (your name is pronounced Kah-roo)

"HI! Kahru! This is Lord Sesshomaru. He's Lord of the Western Lands.. we're after a demon named Naraku. Becasue he tricked Sesshomaru and hurt a lot of people.. have you ever met Naraku?" she asks.

Sesshomaru was willingly letting Rin hound you with all these annoying questions. You always liked kids, but you've always felt weird around them, unsure what to say to them.

"Uhh.. yea I know who Naraku is.." you say "I have a few ugly bones to pick with him also.."


You had a bad, ugly and traumatizing history with the hanyou Naraku. About 25 years ago, Naraku held you as a hostage. He abused you, in all imaginable ways possible. After a while, he started becoming obsessed with you. He made himself believe that you two were madly in love. It was a long time ago, and you still have haunting nightmares. Luckily, under a situation with a higher demon, Naraku was seriously injured. He retreated to a hidden spot, to heal. He left you, and you were able to escape. After you escaped, you met Lord Hikoto. He helped you overcome the weaknesses Naraku caused you, because you were left unfed for weeks at a time. As his hostage, the food you did happen to recieve was crawling with viruses and diseases. The Lord who saved you helped you regain your health. Lord Hikoto, whom is a higher political demon and practices Buddhism, helped you train and use your demonic powers. It's been 20 years since you've seen Naraku. And you have no desire to see him again.

You were surprised that you were telling Sesshomaru and his followers all of this.
Sesshomaru looked not the least bit interested.
It was Rin who encouraging you to keep talking, and Jaken asked the casual question every once in a while.
“In the past few years, Naraku has become increasingly powerful..” Sesshomaru says looking off into the distance. “That’s why I will kill him”

You liked Rin, she was easy to talk to, and she was so much more mature for her age. She understood a lot of the things you said to her.
Jaken was listening to you, occasionally. Sesshomaru was not objecting to your story, but he looked like he wasn't listening. But, little did you know you he was listening to your voice like a hawk.

A little while after you told your sob story about Naraku, Sesshomaru and his followers left and you went on your way to take a bath in the hot spring.

'Sesshomaru probably underestimates me because I am a half demon...' you think. 'He probably thinks that he could kill me.. I doubt that. Not that I want to pick a fight with him, or anything..'

You shampoo your hair, and return to your village. In your village, you don't really have any responsibilities like what the humans do. So you just kind of sit around and focus on training.
Tommorow you plan on visting Lord Hikoto, the man who nursed you back to strength after being held prisoner to Naraku. He is demon, and old age has gotten the best of him and he needs help caring for himself. You usually take a horse and bring goods up to his palace every week. He is old and brittle, so you help him with his duties. In return he gives you money. Human money, so you can buy respectable clothing, unlike the rags the villagers give you.

You lay in your bed, and sleep quickly overcomes you.

The next day you head out on a horse. You are about half way to the palace when you hear swords clashing.

Curiosity got the best of you, and you follow the sound.
You see Sesshomaru and a hanyou with white hair and a red kimono. They look so identical, but they’re fighting each other. There's two human girls and a monk. One girl gives off a strange aura, and the other one is a demon slayer, you immediately recognize what she is because her choice of clothing.
Rin and Jaken are watching the battle in horror, afraid for their Lord.
Sesshomaru looks pissed, but still fighting with elegancy and beautiful agility.

'This is weird. Why are they fighting.' you think. Then you realize something. You start seeing poison miasma around the battle.
'The only demon that you know of who uses poison miasma is Naraku.' you think. You start getting freaked out.. Because there's a very good chance that Naraku is close by.

"Sesshomaru!" you yell as you gallop closer to him.

"Stay out of my way, wench!" he yells back to you.
Obviously, he has to notice the poison miasma because anyone with a nose can smell it. But, he refuses to take his attention off this dog eared, red kimono guy.

This kind of pisses you off. No one has a right to talk to you that way, not even the gods. ‘What the fuck is ‘wench’ anyways?’ you ask yourself. You get impatient, so you give the horse a kick with your heels and gallop into the battle field. You draw your sword, with a simple movement you quickly and smoothly un-hand Sesshomaru from his weapon.
Sesshomaru looks at you like you were crazy..

His eyes flash red for a second. He jumps up and he grabs you by your neck and lifts your entire body off the horse. You see his other hand come into your line of vision, and its glowing green.
But somehow you’re not worried. You have no idea why you're not begging for his mercy, but you feel that your life isn’t in danger..
His hand is slowly inching closer and closer to your body, like he is hesitating the kill, but stops because you all hear someone laughing.
It's not a nice laugh, it's an evil one.
'That laugh belongs to Naraku' you think. Sesshomaru drops you instantly, and you fall to the ground with a thud. He turns around, searching in the air looking for Naraku.. so is the other white-haired demon.

"Show yourself you coward.." Red kimono guy yells.

Naraku appeared behind you, and before you could get a chance to react he punctured your torso.

'Oh NO! NO!! Please.. NO!' you think, as your mind turns itself to oblivion.

You wake up slowly, adjusting your vision to the light. You feel weak and nauseated. Your stomach hurts the most. There's an annoying, dull aching pain that is taunted whenever you move.

You look around the room you are in. It's nice, really nice. You’re laying on a large bed with four wooden posts. There's a big red silk blanket over you, and you’re laying in dark blood red silk sheeting. The floor is a dark mahogany un-even wood, with loose animal fur carpet in the majority of the center.
There is an obnoxiously, large dresser chest on the right side of the room and a large door leading somewhere on the right wall. When you look straight ahead there are two big large wooden doors that you’re guessing lead outside.
Just as you were looking at them they opened. A woman with long black hair and a white kimono came in. She looked like a human.

She came in carrying herbs and bandages. She looked and saw that you have awoken and gasped.

"L-Lor Lord Sesshomaru!!!!" she yelled, running back out the door.

"The demon woman. She-She is awake.." you hear her say again.

About ten seconds later, Sesshomaru walks in, and Rin following in shortly after.
You decided to not hesitate with the questions. "Why am I here?" you asked quickly and calmly.

Sesshomaru looked normal. His face had no emotion as always. "Naraku poisoned and wounded you.." he said. After hearing this somewhat upsets you because now Naraku knows your alive and is hunting you. You are thankful for Sesshomaru and what he has done for you.

“Thank you for being so generous..” you say to him.
You try to sit up, but you wince in pain. He looks at you and glares. He comes closer to the side of your bed and pushes you back down.
“Don’t be stupid girl, you’re not fully healed. It’s only been 12 hours. You need more medication and rest..”

"No. I have to get back to my village. The people there need me.." you exclaim back in protest.

"You are in debt to me, you incompetent hanyou. You will now serve under me as a servent.." he said as anger washed over his face.
You stare at him in disbelief. ‘This cannot possibly be happening again. I will not be a prisioner for a fucking demon-man again’
You can't believe he was saying this.. "I will not!" you say “I am leaving.. now!!” you yell back.
You jump out of the bed and lunge for him, to stick him one right in the jaw. You don’t get very far because the lunging ripped open your stiches and you begin to gush blood from your abdomen. You collapse on the floor, grimacing in pain. Sesshomaru hovers above you. Just before you begin to pass out you feel two, big, swollen arms scoop you up. The soft silk touches your cheek, and the blood loss begins to kick in.

You wake up for the second time. A medical practitioner is in the room doing something. He looks at you and notices you are awake. He smiles warmly at you.

“ How do you feel, Kahru?” he asks
“Physically, I am better than last time.. but I am still pissed off because that motherfucker Sesshomaru thinks that I am his slave now..” you ramble on and on how you will escape.
‘I hope when I escape it pisses off Sesshomaru to no end’ you think to yourself. The doctor checks a few things on your body.
“You have been asleep for two days.” The doctor guy explains, “I gave you a sleeping aid to keep you sedated so you can receive the adequate rest you needed to heal.”
‘wow! two whole days!’ you think.
The doctor looks sympathetically towards you. “Do as the Lord asks, he saved your life more than once. Your life is his now..”
“Is that how he got you to work for him too ? He saved your life, and now you’re his slave doctor?” you ask somewhat rudely to the doctor.
He laughs at your remark, “I am a staffed medical personnel, Lord Sesshomaru pays me for my services.”
Unhappy with his reply, you turn away and feel heavy feelings of hopelessness. You know that you are no match to the great Lord Sesshomaru, the ruler of the West. If he desires your life, you know there is no way to run from him. He will always find you; and he can kill you with little effort.
You get up, out of bed and start exploring the surroundings. You open the dresser chest to find a beautiful, red silk, fitted kimono.
You walk into the bathroom and discover a huge bathtub. You undress yourself and the bandages and wash yourself from the dried blood and dirt.
You dress in the kimono, and relieved to see that you look absolutely stunning in red. The kimono hugs your curves and enhances your already natural beauty.
‘If I am merely a servant, why am I allowed in these luxurious chambers and given these beautiful clothing to wear?’ So many questions like these run through your head. So many answers you desire. The only person who can answer them is Sesshomaru, himself.
You become hungry so you exit the bedroom and search throughout the huge palace for food. Almost immediately after exiting the room you are stunned by the ridiculous amount of Sesshomaru’s scent that fills your nostrils.
You find the dining area to see Sesshomaru, Rin, Jaken and a few other people you don’t know sitting at the long, mahogany table. The table consisted of a massive feast of food. Upon arrival to the dining area Sesshomaru immediately notices your entrance and stares at you as you walk to the table and find a seat. ‘Ugghh, I don’t want to sit anywhere near that Sesshomaru..’ you think as you find a seat that is far enough away from him. You choose the seat where he will have limited sight of you.
The food makes your mouth salivate since you haven’t eaten anything in days. You choose your food and eat peacefully.
One by one, everyone gets up and walks away. Busy with their own agendas in the ginormous palace they all have important duties to attend to. Everyone is gone, but Sesshomaru. You look at him from the corner of your eye to see him glaring at you. The glare you have come to know so well.
You finish the food on your plate. “Why do you stare like that?” you ask him. “It’s so annoying!” Sesshomaru jumped from his chair charging for you, grabbing you by your hair.
"I can easily take your life again, wench. Don’t ask such nonsense questions."
“Stop staring at me like I’m vermin then!” you yell back.
“I don’t stare at you like you are vermin. If you were vermin I would have no desire to look at you.” He says, as he slowly lets go of your neck.
Instead of moving his hand from your skin, he traces his finger from your hairline down your cheek to the folded collar of your kimono where it meets your chest. Astonished at yourself that you didn’t push him away, ‘His hands are so warm..’ you think, as the rush and stimulation from his touch made your face blush.
He grabs your chin and violently turns your face towards his, so you are looking at him directly in the eye. “You should feel lucky, that I spared you that night we met in the woods..” he said with an evil smile. “If you were anyone else, I would have had killed you in an instant. After I had my way with you, I would have left you for dead.” He let go of your face but still kept his daggering gaze into your eyes.
“Why didn’t you then? Why are you keeping me here? If I am lucky why are you making me your servent!?” You exclaimed.. “Why did you give me a beautiful room, with a beautiful kimono if I am just a simple servant..”
He hesitated a while. Then finally answered, “I brought you here because I knew you would light up this room with that red kimono…” He gazed at your body moving his eyes up and down. His eyes softened and became full of desire. “The only negative side to you wearing this is I am so tempted to shred it to pieces..” he said in monotone as looks at the curves of your full sized breasts. “Humph!! As if I would ever let you touch me, you dirty dog!” you yell crossing your arms and turning away from his lustful glare. A small, devilish grin appears on his face. “You will be escorted to the servant’s chamber after dinner” he says harshly as he stalks off. 'Let him think what he wants. I'll be gone tomorrow.' you think. You say nothing back to him.
You are no longer wounded, but you are somewhat weakened from the poison. Sesshomaru's servents were still were bringing you the necessary medicines that you required. You walk over to the conservatory and sit down by the willow tree to calm your nerves and organize your thoughts. ‘I can’t believe I let him talk to me like I am his slut!’ You think, ever since Naraku raped you and stole your virginity you have no desire for an intimate relationship with a man; that is, until now!. ‘His touch was warm and alluring…” you said as a whisper.

Rin had started to come and talk to you more often while you were healing. Usually, if you are wounded, your wounds would clear up quickly.. but because of the poison it changed the healing attribute. Rin came in your room alot. She talked to you about many different things. You grew fond of her, and starting looking foward to talking to her everyday.

"Lady Kahru! I was surprised that Lord Sesshomaru saved you! I am also very surprised that you are staying on the suite floor! Only me and Lord Sesshomaru’s chambers are on that floor, not even Jaken stays up there. Sometimes, Jaken has to sleep in the barn with Au-Un” she said laughing.. You laughed out loud with her for a while, laughing about Jaken and his stupidity. She told you about all the funny memories she had while traveling with Sesshomaru and Jaken.

"I'm thankful that Sesshomaru saved me instead of Naraku." you say.

After that meal with Sesshomaru he had said that you were going to be staying in the servant’s corridor. But, that never happened. You have no idea what made him change his mind, or if he just forgot. During the time you were healing you barley even seen Sesshomaru, it was kind of nice. It was like you were taking a vacation in this huge palace, you were catered to; anything you needed you received it in an instant. You were careful not to take advantage though, because you knew it would end.

(Two weeks later)

You were fully healed. It was in the morning. You were pretty sure Sesshomaru had left the castle for a few days because his scent diminished. But, you walked out of the halls to feel his scent attack you nostril’s once again.. ‘Ugh.. he’s back you think’ as a slight frown plagued your face.

"Get your belongings!" Sesshomaru said fiercely, as he turned the corner of the corridor coming face to face with you.

You are still in a very short yutaka, your legs are showing, and it's tied loosely over your chest.
He looks at you up and down, and his body stiffens. He kept trying to pull his eyes away from your body, but he obviously failed.

You weren't going to say anything. It was best to keep him on good terms, so when you escape he won't be on your back.

"Get dressed." he said and stormed out of the room.

You got dressed in the kimono you were supplied with.
A woman came in with cleaning supplies and started cleaning your room.
You walked out of the room and you see Jaken.
"Your room will be moved to the servent's floor. Where the lower hanyou's stay, also." he snarls at you.

"Get out of my way, you fucker." you yell, and kick him in his face. He goes flying, and you laugh.

"You think that is funny?" you hear a cold voice behind you say.
You turn around and see Sesshomaru.

"Yes.. It's very funny. I hate that miserable toad. He is nothing but a nasty pain.." you say icily to him.

You watch his expression carefully, and his face shows a sign of amusement, but then quickly fades away.. "You are not any more higher than he is in ranking.."

You narrow your eyes at him. You’re tired of the racism. "I could care less about your ranking Sesshomaru, it doesn’t matter what you or anyone else thinks of me, I will not stand to serving you. I'd rather die.."
His eyes narrowed, he raised his arm and punched you in the face. “Then DIE!!” he yelled. You fall to the ground and you can taste the blood pooling in your mouth. An evil smile plays on your lips. You stand back up and your eyes flash an intense blue. The demonic aura around you starts moving rapidly, as your hair dances everywhere. The candles in the hallway go out and you two are left in the pitch black. You open your arms and three massive tornados emerge from the demonic aura that was circling before you. You navigate them towards Sesshomaru, he pulls out his Bakasaiga and blocks the first attack. You cut your energy from the tornados. They still move but they stop growing.
Time for your get away. You run back into the bedroom to grab your sword, you jump off the balcony and take off running at in-human speed all the way back to your village. Normally, you would never retreat from battle, but this wasn’t a battle.. it was slavery.

"You'd rather die, huh?" Sesshomaru says to himself as he realized your escape plan…. He barred his claws and smiles


“Kahru!!! Where have you been!!” Lin yells as she runs up to you and hugs you..
“You will never guess!” you say as you hugged her.
“Tell me!”
“On my way to visit with Lord Hitoko I ran into Lord Sesshomaru of the Western Lands. I can’t believe how arrogant that man is, Lin!!!” you say as she puts her arm around you and begins to walk in the direction of your house.
“Everyone knows the cruelty of Lord Sesshomaru..” Lin replies.
“I ran into him as he was battling some other hanyo. I watched them in curiosity to see who this other hanyou was, and Naraku appeared! I have no idea how he found me but he wounded me and poisoned me! I ended up living at Lord Sesshomaru’s castle for this whole time, while his servents had taken care of the wounds. Sesshomaru picked me up off the battlefield and saved my life.” You explained to Lin as she listened in disbelief.
“Kahru.. if Lord Sesshomaru saved your life, then your life belongs to him..” she said back to you as tears filled her eyes. “He is your master now.”
“Wh-WHAT? Umm.. noo I am not letting him make me his slave. I already went through that with Naraku! I will leave and live on the run before I serve under that dog!!” Lin gave you a glare.
“I know you are a dog-demon but you don’t compare to him, and the lack of compassion this Seshomaru has. How can someone with such a lack of compassion become a Lord.” You say.
“You don’t need compassion to rule over the land, Kahru. All you need is power.. and Lord Sesshomaru definitely has that. After the Great Dog Demon Inutashio died Sesshomaru inherited the title of the Great InuYoukai and the Western Land.” She explain.. “But if one does harbor a heart for compassion then it will only enhance their power..”
“He merely inherited these Lands.. I doubt he is a fit Lord. He is so cruel to the people around him” you say back.
“Kahru, the only way Lord Sesshomaru would be overthrown from his position as Lord is if he commits an unforgivable act. Even you cannot overthrow him, it would have to be another Lord of a Land.” She explains. “come on, you look malnourished… let me cook you some food.” She says as she leads you into your house.”
‘If Sesshomaru comes for me I have to figure out a defense….and an offense’ you think to yourself. You know if Sesshomaru did come for you he would already have a plan in mind. A plan to either kill you ruthlessly or a plan to drag you back to being his slave. After you eat you fell asleep.

You wake up to Lin shaking you violently. “Kahru!! Get up now!!!!” You jump up and rub your eyes “What is going on Lin!!”
“Sesshomaru is here!! He is threatening to kill everyone in the village!” she replies as she throws your kimono at you. “Get up and get dressed because I am sure he is here for you!”
You get dressed quickly and follow Lin. You get to the main path where the entrance of the village meets the forest. You see Sesshomaru standing there with this Bakusaiga pointed towards a villager, and Jaken standing next to him trying to look like he is as powerful as Sesshomaru.
“ Sesshomaru!” you yell acknowledging his evilness.
“Look who it is, Jaken. The escape artist.” He says with a death glare as he watches you walk up to him. You meant to stop walking to keep the distance between you and him, but you kept going. You walked right up to him. He was not expecting you to get so close so he took a few steps back. You got closer and raised your hand in the air and slapped him as hard as you could across the face.
“How dare you threaten these villagers and point your sword at the people in your land.” You scream in his face. The second your hand touched his face he grabbed the fingers that struck his cheek and jerked them away so hard you heard the bones in your hand break.
“How dare you try to run from me, and how dare you put your hands on me you half breed!!” he yells back. He pushes the villager away and points bakasaiga at you. You pull out your Yokiari and brace yourself for impact. He points the sword up into the sky and yells “DRAGON STRIKE!” the demonic aura shoots out in a dragon form and jolts through the village and all the humans duck for cover. But, just as the attack was about to hit you , you shoot up in the sky and counter attack Sesshomaru. You point your trusted sword toward his face and the demonic aura swirls around. Suddenly, the clouds turn black and fill with electricity The lightening bolt strikes down to where he is standing, but he jumps out of the way and it hits Jaken instead. He jumps to where you were floating in the sky and uses his light whip to grab hold of your sword and flings it in the distance. He then lunges for you and punches you right in the face, knocking you out. You start falling towards the ground. But before you make impact he swoops down and grabs you carrying you over his shoulder.
“We’re leaving Jaken!” he says.
“But mi’Lord, I thought we were going to wreak havoc on the humans.” He says as follows his master. Sesshomaru then kicks him in the head for talking back after an order.

Once again you woke up in a room filled with mahogany wood and animal furs on the floor.
You realize where you are and you let out loud scream filled with frustration.
‘Sesshomaru I refuse to be your slave’ you think as you get out of the silk bed. You look down to see yourself naked. You run to the balcony entrance from the bathroom and look out at the land. In the distance you see five of Sesshomaru’s soldiers standing together.
You walk back into the bedroom and see the door open and Sesshomaru walk in. You quickly try to cover yourself with your arms. He looks at you for a few seconds and walks over to you. He picks you up and throws you on the bed and looks over your body another time. He sits down next you and begins to touch your thigh. “I don’t want you as my slave.” He simply says as his fingers squeeze the inside of your thigh. “I want you here for my…..needs.” he says again as the lust fills in his eyes. He moves himself on top of you. You quickly try to get away and you almost succeeded until he grabbed your wrist and jerked you into his arms. You we so close to him you could feel his erection through his pants. “I am not your whore!!” you scream out as you try your hardest to pull away. He grabs your hand and touches your fingers softly.
“How is your hand?” he asks, as you remembered he broke a few bones in your fingers. “It’s healed!” you snap back as you yank you hand from his grasp. You could tell he didn’t like your attitude because he violently turned you around so your back was facing his chest. He put his arms around you and glided his hand up your stomach until he reached your chest. The closer he became the faster yout heart pumped. No matter how much you tried to fight him you could help but notice how safe you felt in his strong arms. He then turned you around so you were facing him again. He violently grabbed your face and kissed your lips. You felt so helpless, and in your only defense you barred your fangs and bit down on his lip. He pushed you back and brought a finger to his mouth as his blood dripped down. He narrowed his eyes and glared at you. But, as soon as he looked at your face his glare turned into a soft stare. Your eyes were filling with tears of anger and frustration.
“Stop trying to force yourself on me! Don’t you have some other slut maid to take care of your needs.” You scream as you give him the meanest look. “and where are my clothes and my weapon!?!”
“You won’t receive any clothes until I know I can trust you not to run off.” He said back. ”Your sword is being guarded by my soldiers and you won’t get that back either until you can be trusted.” You being to feel overwhelmed because you felt so helpless.

“Sesshomaru, what do you want from me? You want me to have sex with you every night so you can fullfill you needs, even knowing that I would hate every second of it.” You ask in a calmer voice, “why me!?” you plead. He didn’t respond. You sat on the bed and avoided his stare as you tried your best to cover up your body.
You guessed he gave up because he turned around and stormed out of the room and slammed the door.

Sesshomaru’s POV
‘Ever since I met her I could not get her smell out of my head. Every time I think of her face it drives me crazy’. You knew you couldn’t let her leave because you wouldn’t be able to stop thinking of her safety. You were so mesmerized by her eyes and her body that it became to irritate you. You hated the fact that you felt this way about a half-demon. “She is different from a hanyo, I can barely sense the human blood in her, and I only sense her demonic aura.” It also angered you that Naraku wanted her. You wanted to take her so bad, just like the night she ran into you I the forest. But, you didn’t want to force yourself on her. But,0 you had no idea how to get her to desire you as well. Being friendly and loving was something unrecognizable to you. It also really drove you crazy that most of the maids would throw themselves at, begging you to take them to your bed.. but this woman, Kahru was different. She pushed you away and that was something that you weren’t used to.
You walked in to your study and made some arrangements for the best Kimono fitter in all the Land to come to your castle to make Kahru and Rin some new kimonos. ‘She can’t sit up there naked for very long..’ you think to yourself. ‘The staff will start to think I am a crazy.’
Your POV
You couldn’t believe how much of a pervert Sesshomaru was. It was really cold so you laid in the bed all day to stay warm. One male servant came to your room only three times to drop off your breakfast, lunch and dinner. That was the only time you seen anyone. You couldn’t even hear any noise outside the bedroom doors. He probably closed off this wing so no one would find out you were up her naked. You were so mad that he had you up here naked and weaponless! But you were pretty relieved that he hasn’t killed you…yet.
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